Reality Center

We want to welcome you to learn more about the Reality Center Experience! If you have arrived at this page, you have likely been invited by Disabled American Veterans - Chapter 5. On this page we will give a brief rundown of what to expect when arriving at Reality Center. 

** Information provided on the site is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice.

What To Expect

1428 Second St.
Unit 400
Santa Monica CA 90401

There is free 90-minute parking at the structure directly across the street. The typical experience of a visitor is enough time to park, enjoy a full session and return to their vehicle all before the 90 minutes has lapsed

Recommended Clothing:
We recommend to dress comfortably, loose clothing is recommended and to bring an additional item for added warmth if needed.

The Setup:
During group sessions there are massage tables with speakers attached that enhance vibration, comforter blankets are also provided for optional comfort. Participants will lie on the massage table during the experience while listening to over-the-ear headphones to assist with a total immersive experience. Participants will have their eyes closed, there is a LED light bar that is placed at an angle above the head to help produce red and blue residual lighting throughout the experience.

The Experience:
Participants are guided through a breath work exercise while promoting a peaceful environment as they are preparing for the Reality Center Experience. The lights, sound and vibration is an environment that encourages the participant to find relaxation and serenity while they allow their thoughts to drift.

A typical full experience lasts about 38 minutes. The feedback from participants is this time goes by relatively fast.

Over the past 2 years, Reality Center has facilitated over 300 veterans for free. This experience typically leaves participants feeling refreshed and well rested following a 38-minute session.

With Plenty of positive feedback on Yelp and Google, you are encouraged to share your experience as well. It is through the feedback and positivity of others that we can often gain a sense of safety and curiosity.

If you have made it to this page, you have likely been invited to enjoy a session for free! We encourage you to relax and enjoy a truly remarkable sensory experience.

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