Chapter 5 Meeting Minutes

Welcome to our page for Veteran Family Resources and the Los Angeles Veteran Community. We're Disabled American Veterans, and we believe in being open. We're proud to share all our chapter info and meeting notes with anyone interested. We want everyone to know what we're doing as we grow. This page will have the latest updates on our meetings, so all our members can stay in the know. Whether you're a member, a supporter, or looking for help for veteran families, you're in the right place. Let's make our veteran community even stronger, together.
April 4-21-2024 - New Leadership Appointed, 2 Resolutions approved (Total: 4 Resolutions), Dental Transportation 
March 3-17-2024 - Comedy Night Planned - Spirit Mountain Support - Historian Position Voted in
February 2-18-2024 - Historian Position Announced, May 4 Service Day at Japanese Garden Announced
January 1-21-2024 - High 5 Zone Increase - Resolutions - DEI and Grant Committee Formation - May 2024 Chapter Engagement Announcement
November 11-19-2023 - Speakers from UCLA Veterans Family Wellbeing Center and Assisted Home Health & Hospice - Website Proposal
September 9-17-2023 - Our first zoom tandem General Membership Meeting held at Japanese Garden in West LA VA - Trailer Proposal
August Minutes 8-20-2023 - Our 3rd and Final Reading of Bylaws - High 4 Zone Extension - First Zoom Session
July Minutes 7-16-2023 - Our 2nd Reading of Bylaws - Membership Drive proposal at Knotts Berry Farms
June Minutes 6-25-2023 - Our first meeting with Newly Elected Leadership and first reading of Bylaws - Voting by chapter to begin first Child Safety Initiative (High 5 Zone)

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